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     Light Hvac

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  1. Piping
  2. Toilets
  3. Repair Leaks
  4. Drain & Sewer Lines
  5. Sealing
When Affordable Plumbing and Electric comes to one of our ne w or existing customers we always make sure we come with a smile dressed possibly the best way we can,we always have the highest of respect and gratitude we posssibly can, Our company does not deal with dis-respectful technitions, like we have told our customers through out our page that none of our prices are written in stone and we will be happy to negoiate the price for you. We also don't demand all the money up front we will collect at least 50% before work is completed, and  we will then collect the remaining 50% after work is completed and you are satisfied with your service. We have a very open heart for our customers and understand that sometimes  some things have to be done a.s.a.p. and the money just may not be there at that time. Thats when we come and try to help our customers as much as possible. If you give us your business we assure you it will be a long and happy Journey from there. Thank You for visiting our web site and hopefully we will met in person!
 Areas covered include a 85 mile radius from Florence S.C. We are always on time unless something comes without us knowing such as 
a wreck, a bad storm or road shut down and has a detour. One way or another we will never give up to get to your residents/business.

We are a new and up coming business, most of our techs have 15 to 22 + years in service and know what they are doing very well in the
Plumbing, Electrical and Light HVAC service. We get along with everybody and love to come out not just for the estimate or work, but we also love to meet new people upfront and build a great relationship and work relationship.
  1. This Company is a great company to work with. I never had a problem out of them, they were always so polite and never had any kind of issues with me or my neighbors. If I had a Plumbing, Electrical or Light HVAC problem this would be the first and last company I call. This is the best company I've ever used all the way around Thanks Again, Tyler Stevens Thanks Again A.F.&E Tyler Stevens

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