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Affordable Plumbing & Electric is a rising company in the Pee-Dee Area. We started here five years ago to embark on a new journey in a rapidly growing community. When we got the pleasure of meeting people in this area we new immediately we wanted to stay and start our company here. Affordable Plumbing & Electric is a down home company from humble beginnings. We understand what it means when people work hard for their money, want to get what they pay for and dont want to be over charged.  This is why we decided to start our company title with AFFORDABLE because its not just a word, but a way of doing things.
Affordable Plumbing and Electric are different in many ways in comparision to it's competitors, and are always one step ahead of the competition. We use the term that, "No Job is Too Big or Too Small and No Price is Written in Stone." We make a promise that,"We are Always Negotiable and Will Always be Fair." Affordable Plumbing and Electric will never leave your home or place of business until YOU the customer are satisfied, and don't feel like you over paid for our services. We offer some services outside of Plumbing, Electrical, & light HVAC, and the ones we don't offer we will be glad to give you a helping-hand in finding someone who does offer them that is Affordable, Reliable, and Experienced. With the Plumbing and Electrical field being so diverse, we strive to keep up with the growing economy, and we will always use the highest amount of technology to solve your plumbing and electrical needs.
7944 Fake Ave, Door 56 Wonderland, NYC 12347
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